I am an aspiring multimedia producer and model based in Bern, Switzerland. I have several years of experience in the media industry and have an extensive record of delivering high-quality content that emphasizes the image viewing experience. Furthermore, I enjoy using this content to drive brands, artists and businesses forward.

My passion for film and analog photography began when I attended Lerbermatt High School and spent an exchange in London, UK. This inspired me to buy my first analog camera and start shooting. In my opinion, this endangered type of photography cannot be beaten in terms of charm.

Today, I own about a dozen cameras and have captured thousands of moments on film. Through my training as a multimedia producer at the HKB, I gain valuable experience every day in the production and generation of media content of all kinds, which I can use in my professional life.

Nothing makes me happier than delivering groundbreaking content while ensuring that everyone involved has nothing but positive experiences along the way.